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Shear Pin Kit .25 x 2 1/8" Item number: 780-200
Pieces per PU: 10 PU: PACKAGE

Shear Bolt suitable for e.g. the following device(s):

AYP Snow Blower(s): PO10527 SA, PO8527 ESA, PP1130 ESC, PP524 B, PP5524 ESC, PP927 ESC, PR10527 ESA, PR524 ESA, PR8572 ESB

HUSQVARNA Lawn Tractor(s): 927 SB

HUSQVARNA Snow Blower(s): 1027 STE, 10527 SBE, 10527 STE, 10530 SBEB, 1130 SBE, 1130 SBEOV, 1130 SBEXP, 1130 SBLS, 1130 SBLSB, 1130 STEXP, 11524 LS, 11527 SB, 12527 SB, 14527 SBLS, 15530 SBLS, 5524 ST, 8024 STE, 9027 STE, 924 SBE, 927SBE, EI1130STE, EU1130STEA, HL1027STEA, HU1130STA, HU1130STB, HU1130STC, PM55, PP1150E27, PP208E24, PP208EPS24, PSB240, ST276 EP

JONSERED Snow Blower(s): ST2106, ST2109 E

MC CULLOCH Snow Blower(s): MC12527 ES, MC624 ES, MC627 ES, PM105, PM55, PM85

PARTNER Snow Blower(s): PSB240, PSB27, PSB270, PSB300, SB240, SB27, SB300

POULAN Snow Blower(s): PO10527 ESA, PO8527 ESA, PP1130 ESC, PP524 B, PP5524 ESC, PR10527 ESA, PR524 ESA, PR8527 ESB

To determine the exact spare part, please use the original spare part drawings of the corresponding device!

Please follow carefully the equipment manufacturer’s installation and safety instructions.



Length in mm


Ø in mm