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Antifreeze Tester Item number: 99-115
Pieces per PU: 1 PU: PIECE

HYDROTEMP - Antifreeze Tester.

The antifreeze tester allows the antifreeze concentration of ethylene-glycol-base antifreeze in the cooling water to be checked quickly and easily.


1.  Open the radiator only when coolant temperature is less than 80ºC.


2.  Fill measuring chamber ofantifreeze tester completely with cooling water by squeezing and releasing suction bulb and read offantifreeze temperature.


Caution! The cooling system is under pressure. Open radiator cap carefully and let off pressure slowly. The pressure in the system can cause hot coolant and steam to spurt out. Severe scalding can result.

Ethylene-glycol-base anti-freeze is hazardous to health.

Please note: 

Rinse tester with water, if not used for longer periods.

If measuring mechanism sticks, free up by fi lling tester a number of times.

Range 0 up to -40 °C.