ratioparts batteries

Full power with batteries from ratioparts!

We offer the right battery for every use. Whether AGM, wet-cell or dry-cell, our range of 12 volt batteries fulfil all of your requirements and ensure full performance where it is needed.

AGM (SLA) batteries

SLA batteries are activated at the factory and offer improved performance after repeated charging. Their absorbent glass mat (AGM) technology ensures a stronger, vibration-resistant and leak-proof battery.

Each type is specially designed for highly efficient and durable performance for all vehicles.

· Ready to install

· No handling of acids

· Maintenance free

· Extreme resistance to vibration

· High performance and extended life


· Calcium/Calcium batteries, filled with 1.7 l of acid

· Longer life than conventional batteries

· 20% more starting power thanks to modern technology

· Constant starting power over the entire life of the battery

· Simpler and easier to install using L terminals

· Protection against leakage current and self-discharge

· Filled and precharged

· A stopper prevents leakage

· Universal installation and maximum efficiency

· Long-life technology

PRO POWER lead-acid batteries with acid pack

· Supplied with electrolyte, ready for filling and charging

· Tilt- and leakproof assembly in upright position

· Extreme resistance to vibration, high reliability and long life

· For riding and push mowers, and other devices

PRO POWER + lead-acid batteries

HIGH QUALITY AT A FAIR PRICE. inexpensive, robust, proven and fully optimized – ProPower+ Batteries by ratioparts. The completely maintenance-free battery is the best in its class and provides top performance. In addition to calcium technology, the ProPower+ Series offers models with reliable 4-chamber leakage protection and increased safety due to central degassing and integrated backfire frits. This impressive battery features high-quality and attractive design, with modern terminal covers.

· 4-chamber leakage protection, even with extreme vibration

· Completely maintenance-free due to modern calcium technology

· Reliable cold start behavior

· Covered terminals

· Includes carrying handle


As with our batteries, we offer reliable, quality and high-performance chargers. With the battery chargers and testing devices manufactured by YUASA and OPTIMATE, we offer you the right device for 12 V lead-acid batteries, as well as STD, AGM, GEL & Lithium batteries.