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Rampe de chargement en alu 2,00 m Réf produit: 99-454
Pieces per PU: 2 PU: SET
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Aluminium ramp, straight, 2,000 x 260 mm, 1000 kg 

Aluminum loading ramp for loading small vehicles, equipment and garden tools onto trailers or vans. For devices or vehicles with low ground clearance (e.g. lawn tractors with mower) we recommend the curved loading ramp. This ramp is reinforced in the contact surface.

The loading ramps must not be used as a crossing aid (bridge). 

The ramps must not be used for loading tracked vehicles!


- Load capacity per set: 1000 kg


- Length: 2,0 m


- Width: 26 cm


∙ Loading edge height min. 517 mm, max. 575 mm


- Material thickness: 4.0 mm


- FORCE Technology!


Supplied is a set = 2 pieces!!!

Safety Loading Ramp straight set of 2 pieces

· Length: 2.0 m

· width: 26 cm

· Load capacity per set: 1.000 kg

· Material thickness: 4.0 mm

This ramp is mounted with reinforced contact surface + 3 mm.

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