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BIRCHMEIER CAS battery 18 V Li-Power / 2.0 Ah Termékszám: 43-040
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BIRCHMEIER battery 18 V Li-Power / 2.0 Ah

The battery packs are intended for use in corresponding Birchmeier sprayers. Only charge with CAS chargers. Battery packs marked CAS are 100% compatible with CAS (Cordless Alliance System) devices. To select the correct devices, please contact your dealer. Observe the instructions for use of the devices used. e.g. the charging process is displayed by the charger, details on this can be found in the instructions for use of the charger. The user alone is liable for damage caused by improper use. Generally recognised accident prevention regulations and the safety instructions must be observed.


∙ Capacity indicator for permanent control of the filling status.


∙ Long shelf life with almost no self-discharge.


∙ Weight 400 g


∙ Voltage ranges of the battery packs 18 V


∙ Battery pack capacity 2.0 A


Suitable for the following sprayers:


∙ A 50 AC1


∙ BM 1035 AC1


∙ REA 15 AC2


∙ REC 15 AC1


∙ REC 15 AC2


∙ REC 15 PC1


∙ REC 15 PC2


∙ REC 15 PC4


∙ REX 15 AC1