Product Category: Air Filter Brand: STIHL Device Type: Brushcutters Search for similar articles
Air Filter Item number: 176-854
Pieces per PU: 1 PU: PIECE

Air Filter NON ORIGINAL suitable for e.g. the following device(s):

STIHL Brushcutter(s): FR 460 TC-E, FR 460 TC-EFM, FR 460 TC-EM, FS 240, FS 240 C-E, FS 240 C-E Z, FS 240 R, FS 240 RC-E, FS 240-Z, FS 260, FS 260 C-E, FS 260 C-E Z, FS 260 R, FS 260 RC-E, FS 360 C-E, FS 360 C-E Z, FS 360 C-EM, FS 360 C-EM Z, FS 410 C-E, FS 410 C-E K, FS 410 C-EM, FS 410 C-EM K, FS 410 C-EM L, FS 460 C-EM, FS 460 C-EM K, FS 460 C-EM KZ, FS 460 C-EM L, FS 460 C-EM Z, FS 460 RC-EM

To determine the exact spare part, please use the original spare part drawings of the corresponding device!

Please follow carefully the equipment manufacturer’s installation and safety instructions.