Best of March

Before the winter season, you should have winterised your garden tools. In addition to cleaning, this also includes breaking it down into individual parts. You must now carefully reassemble your helpers before commissioning. Also check whether rust or mould has formed on or in the devices, and remove them accordingly. Make sure to wear gloves when doing this, especially when working with devices with sharp components.



Before winter, you should have emptied the chainsaw’s tank completely. Now your tank is ready for new fuel. In addition, you should stock up on lubricating oil so that the saw is optimally lubricated during use and so that you can ensure a long service life of the chainsaw.

>>Chainsaw Lubricant Oil<<


>>Bar and Chain Combination<<

With these sets, you get 1 guide bar with 2 matching saw chains. This economy set 1 + 2 at a great price is perfect for your chainsaw! Not only does it save you money, it also saves you time and you will also have enough spare saw chains on hand!

>> non-original suitable for HUSQVARNA

>> non-original suitable for STIHL

Are you still not sure which chain you actually need? We will help you choose the right chain for your chainsaw. Click >> here << to learn about the things that are important and you have to pay attention to when choosing a chain.


Are your batteries discharged and need new energy? The Shido Dual Battery Charger 4.0 has a unique algorithm with which both lithium LiFePO4 and lead-acid batteries can be safely charged.

>> Clear separation of the charging modes for lithium and lead-acid batteries.

>> Improved charging algorithm for lithium and lead-acid mode.

>> Battery rescue for deeply discharged batteries.

>> Battery condition check after charging.

>> Charge maintenance mode with voltage tests every 4 hours.

>> Protection against reverse polarity, overcharging, overcurrent, overheating and short circuit.

>> Detection of reverse polarity, discharged or damaged batteries.

>> IP 65, waterproof.

>> Adaptation to different mains voltages and output of a constant charging current.

The SHIDO battery charger 4.0 also has the following advantages:

>> Special AGM mode for sealed batteries.

>> Excellent digital screen with real-time voltage display.

>> Suitable for 6 V and 12 V batteries.

The lawn begins to grow in March and can last until November. In general, lawn fertilizers are only used during this growth phase, because fertilizing during the rest of the time can cause unsightly damage to the lawn. You can start fertilizing in March without hesitation and give your lawn a good start into the growth phase. A distinction is made here between long-term lawn fertilizers and mineral lawn fertilizers.

>> Mineral lawn fertilizers should be applied at least twice, even better three times a year. A spring fertilization in March, an early summer fertilization in June and finally an autumn fertilization in August in preparation for winter.


In 1929, the first (chrysal) fertilizer saw the light of day in the Netherlands. Back then, under the name Pokon. A lot has happened since then ... Braun GmbH opened its doors in 1960 and Pokon has changed its name to Chrysal in Germany since the 1980s. The product line has grown many times over since then!

Regardless of whether you are a professional or an end user, in the CHRYSAL line of products you will always find the high-quality solution for your needs relating to fertilizing and caring for plants.

Chrysal has committed itself to providing efficient, sustainable and environmentally friendly products and has put together a line of products that meets these needs:

>> High-quality, effective ingredients

>> Approved for organic cultivation in accordance with the EU Organic Regulation 834/2007

>> Effective and plant-friendly

>> Soil-activating properties